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The Way Begins Here in 2024

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The Taiko Adventure of a LIFETIME!

Coming Back in 2024! The Utah Taiko Experience promises a rhythmic adventure that transcends the ordinary. From dynamic taiko workshops to immersive nature excursions, this year's event is poised to be a crescendo of culture, camaraderie, and the unmistakable beat of taiko drumming! 

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Balance, Energy, Fitness, & FUN

At Utah Taiko, we bring you the essence of Taiko - a dynamic art form that intertwines a balance of movement, dance, rhythm, and energy. Imagine a blend of meditation, fitness, music, dance, and unbridled fun, all pulsating through the powerful beats of these beautiful drums. Join us in exploring the vibrant world of Taiko!

Since 2007 Utah Taiko founder and director Rannoch (Razz) Purcell  has been building and growing taiko initiatives in the US and Europe. From accredited high school programs to global taiko events, Razz has been using taiko as the perfect vehicle for promoting health, building community, and having a positive impact on the world.


In the Fall of 2024 we're gearing up to launch group classes, workshops, and performances! Utaiko isn't just about drumming; it's about building community, bettering the area we all share and love, and sharing the passion for this captivating Japanese art form.


Feedback From Colleagues & Students

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I played Taiko about 2 years at Taikozentrum Deutschland with Razz. I will never forget this time it takes a place in my heart forever. All time I don’t play the drums I miss it so much! Razz you are a wonderful friend and a great teacher! I wish you all the best every time!

Yvonne Kufner

Ulm, Germany

Razz did a fantastic job of coordinating and organizing the Utah Taiko Experience. I had such a great time that I will be signing up for the UTE again!

Scott Kujiraoka

California, USA

Razz is an incredible teacher, leader, organizer, and friend. He cares so much about the people around him, and will always make sure to take time out of his busy schedule to ask you how you are doing. He is very committed to making sure that good taiko memories are being created.

Brian Forbis

Massachusetts, USA

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