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The Joys of Taiko!

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Learn To Play Taiko!

A beginners Taiko course is the perfect way to learn about Taiko and get a taste of what Taiko can do for you. We plan to offer courses for everyone age 7 and older.

Already have some experience? Great! We have intermediate and advanced courses too, so whether you want to fine tune some basics or develop your skills, we can help.​

Not sure if taiko is for you? No problem! The first two weeks of every semester are  FREE OF CHARGE. Try it out for yourself with no obligation!


🥁 Discover the Power of Taiko Workshops with TZD! 🥁

Whether you're seeking a distinctive touch for your birthday celebration or aiming to infuse energy into your business conference, TZD offers dynamic taiko workshops that promise a unique and enriching experience tailored to your goals.

Meet our seasoned instructor, Rannoch Purcell, who has dedicated his expertise to taiko since 2007, backed by a master's degree in education. With a wealth of teaching experience in the US, Germany, and the UK, Rannoch brings unparalleled passion and insight to the vibrant world of taiko drumming.

In Rannoch's classes, expect an infusion of positive energy and a "common sense" approach to the technical nuances of playing taiko. Whether you're a novice or looking to elevate your skills, a beginner taiko workshop becomes a fantastic opportunity to share an exhilarating experience with friends, family, or colleagues.

Taiko transcends beyond a drumming session; it's a remarkable team-building activity perfectly suited for corporate events. Our past engagements include:

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Children/Adult Birthday Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Celebrations

Choose the setting that suits you best – workshops can be conducted at your location, or you're welcome to immerse yourself in our inviting space, accommodating groups of up to 25 people. Unleash the rhythm and camaraderie of taiko with Utaiko!


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