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July 19-28 2024, Manti Utah
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 Info & FAQ

For topic specific questions, use the tabs below or view the OTHER FAQ section for commonly asked questions.



Options for your stay

For full accommodation information and links, click the 'Housing Options' button below.

 We are excited to offer camping under the stars as a fun and very inexpensive housing option. You can book a tent spot with us during or after registration for an extra $81 for the duration of UTE.  We have also rented two AirBNB houses in Ephraim this year that you can book during or after registration (see Share BNB option).

If you would prefer a hotel or any other option, you will need to book this independently..There are many accommodation options from simple to luxury. 

Please note: Event transportation service will depart from Manti High School, so please be sure your accommodation is in close proximity to the school or have your own means of getting to Manti High School each day (anything in Manti is within walking distance but Ephraim is 8 miles away). We will also offer transportation from Ephraim to Manti for ShareBNB tennants. 

Food & Drink

Meal Planning

Dinner: dinner each night will be included with your registration price.


Breakfast & Lunch: Choose from one of the many local restaurants or pick up some groceries and eat wherever and whenever you like. Manti has a grocery store and several other places to eat, and neighboring Ephraim has a wider variety of places to eat as well as a Walmart where you can get just about anything you need. Depending on the day's activities, we will sometimes be driving to Ephraim for lunch and other times staying. in Manti.

Will there be vegetarian options?

Dinner is provided daily and includes vegetarian options. While we strive to accommodate various dietary preferences, we cannot offer additional substitutions beyond vegetarian meals.

Please realize this is not out of disregard for dietary restrictions, but the fact that in this small rural area the restaurants and cafes have a more limited selection of meal offerings.

Alcohol / recreational drug usage

Beer & Wine

Because this is meant to be a health promoting experience, we feel that alcohol will actually detract from the potential impact that this event is meant to achieve. We are asking all participants to kindly restrict alcohol consumption to light "casual refreshment" - i.e. a beer or glass of wine in the evening is acceptable. However, we would encourage you to join the UTE staff and "try dry'. Take a break from alcohol for the week! We will have plenty of other ways to bond with each other that don't involve drinking.

Please also bear in mind that smoking, vaping and alcohol are strictly prohibited on Manti High School campus.

Recreational Drugs

Please be aware that drug usage in Utah is illegal - this includes marijuana & other products containing THC.

We kindly inform all participants that anyone found in possession of, or under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, will be asked to leave the event and could potentially face criminal prosecution.


Travel to Manti, Utah


We are going to be out in the country! Manti is quite small, and everything is within walking distance. However, the area in Sanpete County where UTE is held has no public transit options.

Flying: If you are flying to UTE, the best airport for both domestic and international travelers is Salt Lake City International (SLC). From here you can either rent a car or take our shuttle (info below).

Manti, Utah is located about 2 hours drive south of Salt Lake City. It's a simple and beautiful drive down I-15 & Highway 89.

Rental Car: If you plan to visit more of the area either before or after UTE or simply want or need alternative transportation, then a rental car will be your best option. There are many options for rental cars from SLC International Airport, and parking is in abundance in Manti & Ephraim.

Shuttle: we will be running a complimentary shuttle to/from the airport. Shuttle times are as follows:

Friday, July 19: 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM pick-up from SLC International

Sunday, July 28. 11:00 AM & 1:00 PM departure for SLC International (1:00 PM and 15:00 PM arrival respectively).

Transportation During UTE

Your registration includes daily transportation from Manti High School to all of our event locations (outdoor excursions) and dinner locations. Get yourself to the High School each day and we will take care of the rest!

Note: Registration for ShareBNB includes daily transport from Ephraim to Manti.

Concert / Workshops

Public Workshops

On Thursday evening we will be presenting an informal 'Get To Know Taiko' presentation and public workshops. These sessions will be led by our content team, but participants can assist us in teaching the local community about taiko!

We think this is a wonderful way for us to bond with one another, and also a fantastic means of saying thank you to Manti City, Manti High School, and the local community for hosting us.

Concert In The Park

On Friday evening, all of us will be presenting an amazing taiko concert, held at Manti City Park!

This concert will consist of community songs that shouhld be learned in advance using online resources that we will provide for you. Don't worry, we will be be here to help you every step of the way, and we plan to get those resources out to you much earlier this year.

We are thrilled to have the chance to share taiko with such an amazing and recepütive community!

Do I have to participate?

No, of course you can choose to not participate, but we think you will really want to.

Sharing is such an important part of any art form, and it is really one of those things you have to do to understand just how valuable it is. Try it! We will be there to back you up :)

Choosing songs to play

As we progress in planning, we will put together a list of songs that will be played. At that point we will let you know how to proceed. Resources and a concert list should be released by March 2024.

Learning songs to play

Don't worry, we will be posting video and audio resources, note sheets and everything we have available to help you in learning the repertoire.

Other FAQ

How many participants?

We will cap registration at 35 Participants.  We felt that a smaller group would make the experience much more personal and meaningful. With 35 people and 10 days, there should be ample time for each person to connect with every other person in the group in a meaningful way.

Our goal is that in the end everyone has made many deep and lasting connections and friendships, and each person feels that they were an integral part in creating this experience.

Outdoor activities?

This more than just a taiko event held in a beautiful location. We want you to feel the freedom and experience the peace, beauty and sense of adventure that this location offers. We want you to be inspired to create an experience that is uniquely your own. 


 There will be so much to do, with something for everyone. Maybe your experience leads you to meditating by a quiet stream, or taking a peaceful walk with a new friend. Maybe you decide to try cliff jumping in the lake or rock climbing in the canyon! The point is, it is your experience and your adventure. You can make it as peaceful and relaxing or as exciting and adrenaline-filled as you like. Adrenaline junkies: just follow Razz :)

For 2024 we are planning to expand the taiko + nature idea and include several activities that involve playing taiko IN nature!

What is included in the price?
  • Over 40 hours of daily artistic instruction from the UTE content crew!

  • All taiko equipment and drums (bring your own bachi, or purchase a new pair at UTE).

  • Daily excursions into Central Utah's most beautiful locations for hiking, fishing, swimming, and much more.

  • 9 dinners (July 19th-27th)

  • Event transportation. This includes airport shuttle from SLC airport to Manti and shuttle transport from Manti High School to all event locations and excursions. Shuttle transport will be offered twice on July 19th (11:00 AM and 2:00 PM) and twice on July 28th (11:00AM and 1:00PM departure). You can choose the time that works best for your particular flight.

What is NOT included?
  • Breakfast and lunch / snacks, etc.

  • Optional equipment rental at some activities (Kayaks, etc.)

  • Fishing License & tackle (a limited amount of fishing poles will be available)

  • Travel Insurance (it is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance prior to your trip).

  • Any other expenses not included in our list of "What is included in the price" above.

Taiko workshops?

We plan on creating a curriculum of workshop sessions that will help develop our creativity and deepen our exploration with taiko. Sessions will be broken into three broad categories:

Skills and Drills sessions will be focused on building our technique by focusing on a single skill and a drill or way to practice that skill.

Deep Dive sessions will be focused on a common style or well known piece but getting to a place of deeper understanding and personal connection.

Collaboration and Exploration sessions will be focused on developing our improvisation abilities and unlocking new creative possibilities. In the end we will be bringing all of these aspects together to create a new arrangement of an existing piece or a brand new piece.

Do I need to choose workshops?

Nope! All workshop sessions will be available to everyone.

When is it?

Arrivals will be Friday, July 19th, - we begin with a taiko session at 4:00PM.

Departures will be Sunday, July 28th. Our event will officially end Sunday morning.

Minimum Age?

Participants: Minimum age limit is 18 years old unless accompanied by a participant parent, then the minimum age is 14.

What experience level is required?

UTE is tailored to be an experience that is fun and challenging for EVERYONE, regardless skill level. Content is being specifically designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Much of the work we will be doing is geared towards getting you out of your comfort zone to a place where you can freely express, create and push your own boundaries. From this perspective, skill level becomes largely irrelevant.

That being said, a certain degree of skill will definitely enhance your experience. If you feel comfortable playing taiko and you enjoy a challenge, you should fit right in!

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us and we can help you make an educated decision.

Why Utah?

Central Utah provides a perfect location for us for many reasons.

  • It is incredibly beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. A perfect venue for building creativity.

  • It is not touristed. The locations we will visit are often completely void of visitors. This gives us a chance to really experience and explore the area the way the locals do.

  • It is an area that has had limited exposure to taiko. There's nothing like sharing taiko with a brand new audience!

  • The UTE director (Rannoch Purcell) was born and reared in Central Utah, so we have the advantage of having a local as our guide to the best spots the area has to offer.


Yes! There will be a marketplace at UTE and we will let you know when Asano Taiko US and kaDON will begin taking pre-orders that can be picked up at the event. Shipping charges are waived for all pre-orders, so it is a great opportunity to coordinate purchases for other members of your ensemble who do not plan to attend. 

What if I have to cancel?

We realise that planning for the future leaves many questions and uncertainties. We want you to feel confident and secure about registering for UTE, and so we have implemented a very generous cancellation policy that allows cancellation with a full refund until May 30th, 2024. Please read our full cancellation policy HERE.

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